JPJ Data Centre




61,400 sqft


4.03 acres


Completed in 2008

This JPJ Data Center (115,000 sf) sitting on a 4-acre land consists of 2 Blocks of 3 & 4 storey, both connected via a central landscape courtyard which serves as the open common entrance foyer to the two wings.
The 4 storey block houses mainly the administrative office function (67,095 sf) whilst the 3 storey block devoid of windows mainly the data center and its supporting facilities (47,847 sf). The data center had been designed to Classification Tier III & half of the Uptime Institute.
JPJ Data Center
The design had seemingly merged the 2 blocks into one visually from the outside by the clever use of the central high ceiling open Grand Entrance screened portico which opens to the Landscape Court beyond. This unique entrance foyer is sustainable without the need of air-conditioning but cross ventilated and protected from rain by the traditional motif Screen. The courtyard space is made more dramatic with sloping bridges flying across the courtyard connecting the two blocks of building. The landscape courtyard, the heart of this development provides not only an unusual way to greet each visitor but also allow chilled-out space and visual relieve for the occupants.
The main function of this data center is mainly utilitarian, for storage and easy retrieval of information however the design exudes a character beyond utilitarian and slightly more monumental with the clever use of traditional motif, a requirement from JPJ. The traditional motif screen together with the arches translated in more contemporary style makes this utilitarian building different from the rest of the modern offices in Cyberjaya.
JPJ Data Center
JPJ Data Center

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