Taman Wahyu


3,350,000 sqft


12.10 acre


Completed in 2020

No of Units

1,898 service apartment units, 660 affordable apartment units, 32 shop office units and 9 affordable shops

PAM Awards – Multiple Residential (High Rise) – Shortlisted (2023)

Lakeville Residence is a mixed development sitting on a 15.3 acres land, a rehabilitated construction landfill, at the “lake-edge” of Sungai Batu, Taman Wahyu Kuala Lumpur.
Comprising of six, 38 & 42 storey towers with 1898 service apartments, an independent 9 storey carpark block with 1.25-hectare of lushed landscaped recreational deck, 35-storey affordable housing block with 660 units having its own recreational facilities and separately 3-4 storeys retail shops serving the neighbourhood.
Lakeville Residence
This project offers an integrated, invigorating life-work balance environment whilst remaining sustainable, contemporary and biophilic maintaining ecological balance and connectivity of the flora and fauna within the neighbourhood.
Extensive contextual studies were made on tower placement, orientation, massing, maximizing views towards the lake and surrounding with consideration on scale and density as necessitated by commercial demands where the carpark block was kept independent.
Lakeville Residence
Lakeville Residence
Inspired by the lake, 4-storey bridges link each of the 6 towers to the recreational podium deck are dressed with semi-transparent aluminium perforated panels that “mimic” the pattern of water ripple. True to its name, Lakeville, the residential towers rise majestically to commanding heights “uniting the clouds” to the scenic lake through the “tapestry” of the rippled reinforced concrete fins that stretches beyond the building façade giving them the illusion of flickering in the breeze. The unique composition of lushed landscape, the different distinct components within the development and the juxtaposition of different shapes, forms, pattern and texture on the residential towers makes it visually sensual, drawing undivided attention and reaffirms its identity.
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UKAS AND ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001 - RGB

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