M Astra


Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak


1,568,063.4 sqft


5 acres


Construction in progress

No of Units

1,426 service apartment units, 1,426 affordable apartment units, 24 retail lots (including 2 Drive-thru units)

M Astra is a service apartment sitting on a 5 acres land, strategically located in Jalan Usahawan 6, the heart of Setapak – between the city centre and grand view of Titiwangsa and Kuala Lumpur skyline. M Astra comprises two 39-storey towers with 1,426 service apartments, 8-storey carpark with 1.36 acres of landscape. 
M Astra
M Astra is surrounded by a network of facilities including medical facilities, local and international schools, mall and hypermarkets. This project is equipped with modernized and comprehensive facilities because of its innovative design that signifies a thumbprint on each of the two towers of high-rise residence it possess.
Inspired by the intersection of various types of vibrant activities around the Site, the architectural identity of the building is derived from the concept of star with tilting edges of the crown, creating a bold framing at the façade. The tilted modular appears random yet rhythmic with various widths and angles to correspond with the façade movement to emphasize the sense of vertices and intersecting edges of the star. Therefore, forms a strong contemporary style and a unique architectural statement.
M Astra
M Astra
Extensive communal living that connects people from all walks of life living together, sharing spaces and accessibility to facilities and shops within the development offers a seamless and holistic living that would improve well-being of the residences. It is recognized as a catalytic development, a prime landmark that sparks to raise the standard of living and value creation through quality and affordable living.
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